When you tell the media something, then it’s out there... So, were staff notified in good time? What about the unions? And what do customers think about it? A little further down the track there may be industry federations and government departments to deal with and they may also want to know what’s going on in your company. LV takes account of these groups and their varying levels of sensitivity in its communication plans. It informs everyone at the right time and in the right way, using the right channels.


‘Together’ also means working with the media. Journalists often operate in stressful situations that are made even more difficult by the fact that they constantly have less time, yet need to get more work done. They also have to cope with competition from a number of different sources: social media, other publications, .... This does not take away the fact that the job of journalists is to report news in a top-quality way, news that is properly substantiated and that has major information value.

Yet companies are often driven by specific commercial objectives. This is only natural, but when it comes to telling their story to the media, it may be that they do not take the journalist’s own priorities into account sufficiently: journalists who are on the hunt for interesting news, rather than simply rehashing the umpteenth market story. LV helps companies and journalists to find this common ground and hence works on behalf of both parties. In the end, this approach is also in the interest of the reader or viewer, who wants good, reliable reporting.


LV particularly enjoys working with clients in their own environment. This is because we like to be close to the source of information, but also because we are able to develop a better feel for the client’s values. Not forgetting being able to consult effectively, take decisions quickly and allow matters to take their course. The client’s own environment – in the office or on the factory floor – is the best place to do this, because being on-site tells its own story of what is truly going on.


LV Communications specialises in integrated business communication, which includes having a significant level of expertise in media relations. For other – and just as essential – communication expertise, such as graphic design, social media and the technical side of web communication, the agency has its network of external specialists.